Guest post by Suzie Wilson, Interior Designer –


Selling your home is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.  You want to earn top dollar and sell your property quickly.  How do you set yourself up for success?  Planning and prepwork are the keys!


Now’s the time.  Don’t wait until the day before your open house to run the vacuum and think that’ll be sufficient.  Most homes for sale in Spring Hill stay on the market for 50 days and receive one offer.  Staging your home properly can help sell your home sooner.  You’ll be more competitive and improve your chances for getting a great price with a handful of carefully planned strategies!

Upgrades. Chances are you weren’t considering investing a lot into new things for your old home.  However, sometimes upgrades can make or break your sale.  Potential home buyers prefer properties that won’t require a lot of expense or effort to bring them up to date.  You don’t need to pay top dollar for major upgrades that buyers may not like, but investing in a few key elements can make a big difference in catching a buyer’s eye.  This Old House suggests putting your money into cosmetic upgrades to sell your home, such as painting kitchen appliances or giving them a facelift with new panels.  Do some careful evaluating and decide how to best improve appearances. 

Repairs. Is your property in need of basic maintenance or repairs?  Fix everything before your open house.  For instance if your home boasts hardwood floors but they are scratched or damaged, spruce them up.  Replace worn-out, drafty windows and broken tiles in your floors.  Anything noticeably damaged or weary should be refreshed.

Paint. Painting is an easy way to improve your space, especially if your home feels disjointed or if space is at a premium.  Opt for light, neutral colors and paint walls in adjoining rooms the same color to expand the area.  Creating a look that flows will make the space appear larger and more comfortable. 

 Improve lighting.  Great lighting impresses buyers and makes homes feel more welcoming.  Install brighter bulbs in existing lights, open window coverings, add lamps, and even add fixtures if necessary. 

 Remove clutter.  You want to present your home as being spacious and welcoming, and reducing belongings is a key.  HGTV explains that decluttering is the most important staging tool for selling homes.  You should reduce your furnishings and other belongings by as much as half in order to present your home well to buyers. 

Storage. Don’t store belongings in your home, as potential buyers will be looking in your storage areas.  Stow them off-site instead, not under beds or in closets.  While you’re at it, stage your closets as well.  Pull out all the contents and only return a small portion of items.  Buyers like to see how much storage your home offers, and full closets make the space seem smaller.  Go the extra mile and do some organizing, ensuring you color-coordinate closet contents.

 Group furniture.  The furniture that you display should be appropriately grouped for conversations and traffic flow.  Position sofas and chairs away from walls to make areas more welcoming and make rooms seem larger.

 Identify rooms.  Do you have a room with an identity crisis?  Every room in your home should serve an obvious purpose.  Rooms that are catch-alls can feel cluttered and confusing to home shoppers.  Show buyers each space has value.  Turn that flexible space into an exercise room, home office, sewing studio, or reading nook.   

Clean. The Balance notes your house should be spotlessly clean for your open house event.  Aim for a look that feels not just clean but sterile, and hit every nook and cranny of your home.  If you have pets, do some deodorizing and make sure your furry friends can board someplace the day of your open house. 

 Selling success!  Do some planning and prep work to sell your home quickly and get a great price.  Do some upgrades, make repairs, and stage your entire home well.  Your open house will be a huge success!


Suzie has been an Interior Designer for over 20 years. Her passion is helping people organize and style their homes so they are not only beautiful, they offer a relaxing, stress-free environment to every member of the family. You can find her over at